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Base Spyder

The 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse Is An Affordable Sports Car

Think an affordable and sleek sports car must cost a fortune? Well, think again because the 2011 Mitsubishi is a bold, futuristic and aggressive sports car that is comfortable enough for every day driving while still being reasonably affordable. The Eclipse’s standout feature is its comfortable suspension which is rather surprising considering its racer image exterior. Many automotive enthusiasts admire this car because it's sleek and very eye catching. There are two body styles available; coupe and the convertible. Three trim levels are available; GS, GS Sport and GT. This sports car isn’t meant for the hardcore racer with a need for speed but someone who prefers a comfortable ride with a sporty appearance.

There are two engine choices available; a 2.4 Liter four cylinder with 162 HP and 162 lb feet of torque and a 3.8 Liter six cylinder with 265 hp at 262 lb feet of torque. Fuel economy stands at 28 mpg on the interstate and 20 mpg in the city. Handling is solid even among curvy roads and the brakes are strong and powerful. However, keep in mind that the Eclipse isn’t a performance oriented car; it’s geared more towards shoppers who want the looks of a sporty car without the need for a lot of speed.

The interior is classy and stylish with touches of chrome and instruments with blue backlit lighting. There is seating room for 4 persons although it can be cramped in the backseats; especially if you are tall. Standard features include cool ice blue backlighting and a soft-touch wave form cockpit. The top of the line Eclipse GT comes with eighteen wheels, temperature controlled adjustable seats and high intensity projector type headlamps. Cargo space for the coupe stands at 15.7 cubic ft while the Spyder offers 5.7 cubic feet. Check out New Mitsubishi Virginia Beach for 2010 and 2011 cars in Virginia.

Safety features include 4 wheel disc brakes with ABS, traction control and active stability control. The ABS applies brake pressure as required in order to get rid of wheel lock up and maintain vehicle control. An advanced air bag system includes advanced front SRS bags and side curtain bags. Passengers are well protected in a crash thanks to the reinforced chassis. Pretensionsers are in place which tighten up the seatbelts as necessary. The Latch system is also in place which makes it easier to attach child seats. In Orange County check out Used Cars Anaheim for good deals.

If you want the good looks of a sports car but don’t want to pay a ton then the Eclipse would be a good choice. The base price for the GS model starts at $19,759; not a bad price for a car that will turn lots of heads on the street.

New Mazda Palm Springs has a large seleection of cars around Cathedral City and Indio, CA.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

piranha gti plus help?

ok so i have a piranha gti plus and im looking into buying some parts for it but just wanted to get some things straight. ok first the barrel thread is spyder correct? second will a Custom Products Short Regulator threading match my gun? this is about it. just want to make sure before i order the stuff of the internet. also could instead of mounting a direct asa could i do a rail asa instead of a direct mount? like if the rail is directly mounted to the base were the direct mount goes and use like a dovetail? thank you for all the help i can get its appreciated. please dont tell me to not put money into this gun. i have two guns and both were cheap guns but i have fun and appreciate what i have.


Yep, spyder-threaded barrel.
Yep, CP regulator, and most regulators, have a standard threading. Just unscrew your foregrip and screw on the regulator.
The GTI Plus does not have an integrated rail mount. If you buy a dovetail mount asa, you will need to buy a rail for it. The rail will attach directly to the trigger frame, and the dovetail asa will slide onto it.